Booking instructions

Prenotazione telefonica IRMET


Bookings and information are given directly on site or by calling help desk at:

+39 011 31.60.158 from 9 AM to  5.30 PM, from Monday to Friday except holidays.

IRMET is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5.30 PM.
To make a reservation for an exam, it is necessary to have the request of the doctor (of the National Health Service).

For patients that are hospitalized or are in day hospitals, bookings are usually made directly by the sending facility and require a written permission from the Health Department.
For insured or private patients, it is nevertheless necessary a request on medical reasons.
At the time of the booking instructions and useful information will be given for the appropriate preparation and proper execution of the examination.
The rate is fixed upon the acceptance rates, both for private and contracted patients, at the time of booking the operator provides all the necessary information.

The patient must always have:


- "Global body Tomoscintigraphy (PET-CT)"

or, for encephalic investigations:

- "Qualitative Brain Study Tomoscintigraphy (PET-CT)"

together with:

- diagnostic problem and clinical notes.

2) ID card.

3) Tax code or Health Insurance Card.

4) Examinations carried out previously.


Il medico