Waiting times

Waiting timesWaiting times were restrained for 5 working days until 31/12/09, currently they are 2 weeks, because of the constraints of Piedmont Region that limit the annual performances of the requirements delegated to IRMET to 4700 annual performances spreading over the working days per year (about 18 performances daily), following the requirements for hospital inpatients and patients from outside the region that may be performed at any time.


The days of the waiting time are nevertheless communicated by telephone for any potential request.

For clients of the Regional Health Service of Piedmont Region, the requirement for the PET CT investigation is evaluated and then the distribution is settled among the various centers of Piedmont equipped with tomographs.

The daily distribution quota assigned to IRMET is therefore relatively rigid, resulting in a waiting list of 10-12 days (less than regional averages).

The quota distributed in this way consumes only partially the working capacity of IRMET, which remains available for any other type of use, in particular for hospitalized patients or for patients coming from other regions, etc.., with a need for more solicit timing manners.

Medical report delivery

The report will be given to the patient or to a person delegated (with delegation module) in two working days time after the acquisition of the PET CT exam, in paper or in cd rom DICOM format.

On request, the medical report can be drawn up in English without any extra charge.



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