The Code of ethics

The rules contained in this document are designed to require the respect of any legal regulation and the adoption of an ethical and fair conduct on the part of all Corporate Members and all those who, for any reason, work for IRMET S.p.A., even if only occasionally, in consideration of the Legislative Decree 231/200, that introduced into our legal system a new form of quasi-penal responsibility for the Company if any crime is committed for its interests or for its benefit.


The Decree provides, amongst others, a particularly strict system of sanctions against the sentenced company, but also provides that the Code of Ethics, placed within an effective model of organization, management and control, could perform a protective force for the benefit of the Company.


The Board of Directors of IRMET therefore considered that the implementation of a Supervisory Board is necessary, that is responsible for the control and monitoring, and by adopting the present Code of Ethics, the compliance with thereof is to be considered part of contractual obligations by all Corporate Members, as defined above.


This Code of Ethics is proposed as a model of reference for all those who work for IRMET, by adapting their behavior to the principles of loyalty and honesty that shall be followed by every Corporate Member, Directors, Managers, Executives and all other employee, collaborators, suppliers and customers.




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